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Jared Del Dosso


EBC has been huge in my walk with Christ. The first year they focus on establishing your foundation strictly on what the Bible says for itself, and it has helped me understand what I believe in for myself along with getting rid of a lot of stuff that I just had been accepting as Christianity. I decided to come to EBC for a few reasons. Primarily, I wanted to understand my faith better and, because my parents live in Thousand Oaks, it seemed like EBC was a great option. Also, being engaged to my beautiful fiancée, I wanted to grow in order to be a better spiritual leader and be fit for any situation life might throw at me and my future wife. I did not know what I wanted to do with my education; I just knew I wanted to go here. I got baptized at Cornerstone Church and I loved how they taught the Word of God, and I knew EBC was going to offer the same authentic Christianity.

Throughout high school, I thought I wanted to go to a Christian college. I had looked at a few, and realized there was no way my family could ever afford to send me to one. I never had thought twice about it, but it does not really make sense why a Christian college could charge their brothers and sisters in Christ so much. Why do we need fancy campuses and other things like that; all that is really needed is teachers who are devoted to the Truth and eager students. One of the most appealing things to me about EBC was the fact that it was in a strip mall. I go to class next to a dentist office. After attending orientation, I found out so much more about how Jesus is woven into to every single decision the school makes. The teachers’ salaries are below what they deserve, not because they are bad at what they do, they are the most humble, knowledgeable, and eager followers of Jesus I have ever met. They take less because they take the Bible seriously. Imagine that. They actually believe that a biblical education should be affordable. I cannot even imagine what this type of thinking would do to the landscape of Christian education. Missionaries that are trained in the Word could actually be sent out because they are not bogged down by loans. Prospective students could actually learn about Jesus Christ without having to pay forty grand a year. My entire schooling at Eternity Bible College will cost about one semester at the typical Christian school.

I do not even want to imagine what my life would look like if EBC did not exist. After attending here and getting more involved in the church I go to, I know what I want to do with my life. Not because someone here told me, but because they have equipped me with all the tools I need to respond to Scripture and learn where I am gifted. I found a heart for junior high and senior high students and started assisting with teaching at my church. I know am on staff there as the Junior High Youth Director where I get to teach twice a week! If I never went here I would have never been equipped to teach the Word, and I would never have had the opportunity to pour into the kids’ lives in the junior high program. The Senior High Youth Director that I work for currently goes to seminary, and he recently was telling me how impressed he is with EBC. Not because he has ever been to the campus, but because we are able to talk about the same things that we are both learning. Whether it is about Genesis in relation to early Creation and Flood narratives, or how the church and culture should interact; we are virtually going through the same stuff. Also, my relationship with my fiancée has grown so much stronger the more we understand the Bible. I am more equipped to speak truth into her life, and I am constantly learning to humble myself when she confronts me about sin in my life. Since I have attended here, my pride and ego have been starting to take a back seat. I get poured into every day at class by people who know tons more than I do, but I am able to learn from their rare humility and their gentle approach to walking me through this education process.

EBC has meant so much to me. Lives are getting changed forever at this school. Not because of the really great teachers (which there are) or the inexpensive tuition (which there is), but because EBC provides a place where I can come to the Word and learn what it is saying. I am not indoctrinated with how to interpret a passage based on what a pastor says; I am educated on how to interpret a passage based on what it is saying for itself. I look around at the faculty and student body and see a community of Christians that actually live out what the Bible calls us to do. I used to read a passage about authentic Christianity in the Word and feel somewhat hopeless, because I had never seen it lived out. And then I enrolled here and started to see Christians be Christians and I am understanding this crazy thing called “love” more and more every day I step foot in the parking lot of the strip mall we call Eternity Bible College.

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