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Daniel Munoz


I became a Christian in 2004 I knew I wanted to know the Lord better through serious study of the Scriptures. While attending a college age conference I learned about EBC through the preaching of Francis Chan. I didn’t know much about EBC but I knew that Francis preached in a way that made my heart feel like it was on fire with conviction. I knew that I needed that kind of teaching in my life, teaching that would force me to challenge what I believed to be true about God. When I got to EBC I realized that every faculty member was committed to reconstructing false views I had about God and helping me build a theology shaped by the Scriptures. In 2008 my wife Charlene and I graduated and two days later moved to central California to help out with a recent church plant that could not afford to pay pastoral staff. While serving at this church I helped lead the Jr. High and High school ministry by teaching and engaging in one on one discipleship. I also started an adult Bible Study Methods class. Since I am not a paid staff member I support my families financial needs by working at Wal-Mart. People might think it’s weird that I graduated from college with a Bachelors degree and I work at Wal-Mart but it’s not that weird. In the eyes of the world a Bible degree means almost nothing. To me my time at EBC was significant not because of the letters I received behind my name but because the things that were written on my heart I have been able to write on the hearts of others.

EBC is valuable because It’s a place where someone can come to learn the Bible and not go into huge amounts of debt in the process. EBC’s faculty are men who not only teach their students but pastor them too.

EBC transformed the way I view God and myself through assignments and instruction that forced me to dig deeper into the Scripture than I ever had before. During my time at EBC I saw my view of the Bible change, I always knew the Bible was important for my life but I wasn’t sure how important. I now see the Bible as truly sufficient for life and godliness. I trust that the Bible is enough to instruct me on living a life that is both full and honoring to the Lord. My love for God grew as I began to see the true God of the Scriptures and as I continue to use the tools that I received at EBC that love continues to grow every day. Before I came to EBC I was not graciously serving the Church, I was only taking in and being feed. While at EBC I learned what the Church was and how I was supposed to interact within it. I learned that the Church belongs to no man except the Lord Jesus Christ who gave His blood for her. The Church is so precious to Christ and she has become precious to me because of the truth I learned at EBC. Without the instruction I received at EBC my life would look much different.

I believe that investing in EBC is really investing in Christ’s Kingdom. When you invest in EBC you invest in regular people working regular jobs who are living to honor Christ in the every day stuff of life. When you invest in EBC you invest in marriages, families, churches and people you will never meet.

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