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Brittany Cina


Hello there! My name is Brittany Cina, I am 20 years old and I came out to California almost two and half years ago now to go to EBC. It is crazy to think how quickly time has gone by! I came all the way from Minnesota and yes people made fun of how I spoke when I first came.

Before I came out here, all I ever knew was MN. It was home, I lived there my whole life in basically the same spot, if we moved, we just moved a town over. When it came time for me to start looking at colleges, I was ready for a change, I was tired of knowing only one place my whole life, I wanted to move on. EBC had stuck in the back of my mind as a possible school. I heard about it at the EV Free Nationals Conference. I was interested in the school for a couple reasons: 1) it was cheap! (My parents were not really able to provide financially and I really did not want any loans.)  2) It was in CA! (I mean come on, most people want to go to CA at least some time in their life and I had the chance to go to school there.) 3) Lastly, to me studying the Bible seemed like the best thing I could do with my life.

EBC was nothing like I expected it to be. I remember the first time I saw it, my dad and I map-quested the address and drove across town to come look at the school. We pulled into this parking lot and what I saw was a long strip mall building with one door that said “Eternity Bible College” and I thought to myself, that is it? That one door is Eternity Bible College? Of course what I didn’t know at the time was that the whole strip mall was EBC!

It is funny to me how most people who come to look at the school are surprised by the campus. Most students expect a nice campus, like most colleges, not a strip mall, but that is the beauty of EBC, it is nothing like most colleges in the world. It is not fancy by any means, there are no fountains, there are no statues of the men or women who help found the school. Some people may look at EBC and not be impressed, they may look at EBC and see a rock, but they are not truly seeing EBC. You see EBC is a rare gem in Christian Education today. Its uniqueness is what makes it such an amazing school. The whole purpose of the college is not to impress students with a fancy campus. The purpose of the school is to raise up students to go into the world and truly make a difference for Jesus. The purpose of the school is to create an environment where students can actually have relationships with the professors that teach them. The purpose of the school is to do everything as Biblically as possible and that includes helping students get a great Christian education without going into debt. This is why EBC is a rare gem. When people invest into EBC, they are investing in training students that will actually go into the world and make a difference for Jesus, not simply because they are debt free (unlike a lot of Christian Colleges), but also because EBC cultivates hearts that desire to share Jesus with others.

The people at Eternity Bible College have become my family. They pray for me. They encourage me. It is not simply the students that care, but the professors as well. They genuinely want to be in student’s lives and they actually care about what is going on. I love this school. I love the education I have been blessed with here. I love the people that go here and the faculty that keeps the school going. If you are considering EBC, I will say one thing, “look beyond the surface, I promise you will see a gem.” Two and half years ago MN was my home, now to me CA is and there is no other place I would rather be.

Blessings and Love,


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