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David Seehusen


Bible College was the obvious choice for me from the age of 8. I was sitting around a camp fire at the camp I used to attend and I felt God tugging on my heart to commit my whole life to Him, not just in living for God in my career, but taking the call to overcome every obstacle and become a missionary to people groups and tribes across the world that had never heard the name of Jesus.  Ever since then and leading up into my high school years, I knew that I needed to find a cheap Bible college that was dedicated to building up the leaders of tomorrow. I had heard of EBC from Francis Chan, our founder, at a conference I had gone to and later that year, my good friend decided to attend. After hearing from him, I knew I had to get out there when I graduated. I wanted so desperately to “take over the reins” from the religious leaders of my youth and be transformed into a man of God who was passionate about the word and knew it well.

That is where EBC comes in for me, I have been attending for the last 3 years and this school is far too incredible to describe in almost every conceivable avenue.

I love the professors at EBC. They are unparalleled in the way that they consciously take an interest in your life and problems as well as become interested in your personal struggles and the things you are walking through and stumbling with. I cannot tell you how many professors have taken special care to walk with me through problems personally and make sure that I’m doing all I can do to get closer to God and become more in tune with His word. They are amazing men of God and will always seek to make the class devotional, applicational, personal and vital in your pursuit of Gods voice in your life.

The curriculum here at EBC is intensive, exhaustive, all inclusive and all around amazing. EBC has sought to create classes and curriculum that are centered on the Bible. So instead of having 10 theology classes we would have 10 classes on specific books of the Bible. This creates an environment that teaches students God’s attributes by going through the entirety of the Bible and looking at His beauty as it unfolds before the history of His people and all the nations of the world. They seek, in this, to create in us a more whole view of God and His story and mission as it has been explicitly and symbolically shown in the created world and in Gods own words; The Bible. For me, it has been so eye opening, revealing of Gods character, nature and mission in a way that simply going through a text book about theology ever could. This way of looking at the Bible has been such an amazing aspect in my life as I try to become more like Christ.

I believe that college (especially Bible College) should not cause the hungry (for God’s word) Christian to go into debt which can sometimes hinder post college ministry opportunities. This school believes that the teaching of God’s Word should be affordable to the point of “dirt cheap” and if they could, school would be completely free. They desire to create an environment where people who are hungry for God will get fed, and fed well. This way of looking at school is really the only reason I am able to go to Bible College. My family could not have supported me, as they do now, if I had gone to any other Bible College. I’m so thankful for EBC and truly feel that God has something special for us as a school in the future. Needless to say, I am very excited about that and can’t wait to see how this school has changed my life and will change my life for years and years to come!


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