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Lance Hancock


When my mentor first told me about EBC I had already entertained the idea of attending a Bible college. I hadn’t the faintest clue what I would do vocationally after high school, so obtaining a Bible education seemed like a good thing to do while I figured out what to do with my life. After praying and seeking counsel I paid a visit to Simi Valley with my youth pastor. Needless to say, I was sold – though what I had tasted so far was only an appetizer.

I like to tell people that when I arrived at EBC my worldview got shattered, or at least turned upside down and shaken around until what I thought I knew I realized I didn’t know, and what I didn’t know I was beginning to understand the fact that I didn’t know it! Being in an atmosphere like EBC has stretched me in places I didn’t think needed any bending. As my mind has been renewed, God has also been faithful to work on my heart. Being placed away from the school (no dorms) and into the community with a few other students has forced me to figure out how to take what I am learning in the classroom and immediately apply it to real life situations.

This is why EBC is so incredibly valuable. The vision of the school is not to indoctrinate its students with theological dogma, but to equip each student with the tools he or she needs to effectively handle the word of truth, and consequently advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Enormous emphasis is placed on being a doer of the word. Additionally, what drives the school is a crazy love for God, a love that spills over onto the students. It is so evident that the faculty and staff have a heart for each student here, sacrificing time and energy to not only teach them in the classroom but disciple them outside of school.

Imagining what my life would be like if EBC didn’t exist is too hard to fathom. I have been given a deeper love for God and people, and a greater disdain toward my sin; a higher view of God, and a lower view of myself. As each week passes by I feel as though I am seeing the world through His eyes more and more. Indeed, God has used EBC to do miraculous things in my life and those around me. I can say with full confidence that this school is raising up world-changers, Kingdom-workers who will be used by God to shape the eternities of many.

When people invest in EBC they are doing much more than providing a single person with a Bible education. Rather, they are affecting the lives of dozens, hundreds, possibly even thousands of people across the world who will be ministered to and impacted by that student. The potentiality is exponential, for the word of God is powerful beyond our wildest dreams. The Gospel has the power to change a person, a community, a culture, a world. By supporting EBC people have the opportunity to partner with a generation of soldiers who are impassioned about bringing the Good News to their families, neighborhoods, occupations, and the ends of the earth. This is my desire – this is why I love EBC.

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