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Maribeth Hegland


Good day to you! My name is Maribeth, I am 19-years-old, and God put a huge passion on my heart for junior high kids. This is my story of how I found myself in the beautiful town of Simi Valley attending Eternity Bible College.

So junior and senior year of high school is the time of figuring out your future, and changing you “life dreams and goals” about 100 times. That’s how it was for me, anyway. I always knew that I wanted to go to a Christian college or university, but couldn’t put my finger on what I wanted to study exactly. The main thing I came up with though was biblical counseling. However, the colleges that I looked into going for that line of study were so expensive that no matter what scholarships I would get, I would still end up being in debt.

Going into debt was never an option for me. More than any biblical counseling job, I want to be a wife, and mom. Bringing $20,000 plus debt and those three things didn’t mix well for me. So basically, the normal Christian universities were no longer an option for me.

After much prayer of deciding what I wanted to do, I discovered that junior high kids (mainly girls) have a huge spot on my heart. I knew that group of God’s children needed to be my mission field. So, I started looking into 1-2 year Bible colleges. From my list of affordable Bible colleges, I chose Eternity Bible College. The pastor of my church back home (“The Potato State“, aka, Idaho) grew up here in Simi Valley and told me to check EBC out. So I did! And I fell in love with the idea of going there. My mom and I visited in March of 2010, and I knew right at that moment that God wanted me there.

So here I am. Living in a house with six wonderful, godly girls, learning more about our Father than I ever expected, through that teaching, falling more in love with God, NOT in debt, and only living 40 minutes from California’s beautiful beach. All glory goes to God for bringing me here. This is the perfect place for me, and God knew that. The only reason I am here is through the grace of God.

I love EBC for so many reasons. The staff is absolutely incredible. They care about you. They are not there for the praise or the money. They are there to build relationships with the students and to do the will of God so that He would receive glory. The office, library, and classrooms are in a strip mall. Quirky, I know, but that’s one of many reasons this college is so unique and amazing. You honestly cannot get this high quality of Bible teaching, and for how affordable it is. The professors are incredible. I am constantly blown away at the knowledge and faith in God. God’s hand is on this school. It could not be more evident. He is doing amazing work through the students and everyone who is involved with Eternity Bible College.

I challenge you to seriously pray about becoming a student. Doesn’t matter if you’re 17 or 80 years old. PRAY! Maybe you are not able to move here. That’s okay!! We have online classes!

Your life and relationship with God will be transformed because of this school. I know mine has.

In His steadfast love,


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  1. Josiah Lair

    I love you so much Maribeth! <3 I am so thankful for you, the opportunities gained, and the people you have met through EBC!


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