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Joanna Schwamb


In my senior year of high school, the Lord began showing me His heartbeat for the world and for the nations to know Him. I thought, if God closes the door for me to be a missionary, Bible education would still be helpful if I become a wife, a mother or any other occupation. I desired to get an inexpensive Bible education because missions’ agencies do not accept applicants with large amounts of debt. I began applying to Christian colleges and realized how expensive they were! I had heard about EBC and what their vision for the school was and I signed up quickly.

In my first few weeks of class, I was amazed at how little I actually knew of the Bible. I took so many notes in class and brought them home to share them with my family and my friends regularly. I really respected my teachers and how real and honest they were about theirs lives and what God is teaching them. I was also excited to find the number of students who were passionate about the Lord and making His name known. The Lord has challenged, convicted, and stretched me so much in my understanding of Him and His Word!

I joined the EBC team that was going to Israel in May 2010 and was amazed at the God of the Bible. My understanding of His love for Israel and His love for me grew immensely as I was there. The leader of the trip, Nathan Foreman, was so knowledgeable of the land and the history of Israel, and I was so thankful to study under his teaching.  It’s also where I met my fiancé.

I now live with 6 girls who are also attending the college. I love living with the girls and being able to do homework together, grow in our faith together and talk about the many things God is teaching us from class. I appreciate that EBC doesn’t have dorms and encourages us to be in the community and be more involved in the church than the school.

I am so thankful for EBC and how God has used it in my life. I’m excited to see what God is going to do with the future of this school.

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