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Ric Garcia


I came to know the Lord later in life and the experience for me was profound. Soon after my conversion I was installed as a worship leader and served for almost two years in a small church near Claremont, CA. But although I found my new life very rewarding I had a lot of questions that were not being answered. Once saved I felt a deep sense of mission but being new to the Church I had no understanding of how to go about it or what that even meant. I prayed for answers and believed that I was to go to bible college so I sold my house and most of my possessions in an effort to follow hard after God.

My first year in bible college left me with as many questions as I had had when I began. It seemed that academic achievement for the sake of professional ministry positions outweighed everything else. I was learning but there was a distinct lack of the sense of mission that drove me and that I was reading about in Scripture.

Somehow I heard about a new college that would soon be opening called Eternity Bible College. I spent a few hours there one day and spoke at length to a man named Mark Henry. He explained to me that EBC’s purpose was to equip students for the various missions to which God had called them and that the priority of EBC was God’s mission in the world. I had never heard of Francis Chan or his ministry, in fact I had never heard of Cornerstone Community Church, but it was apparent from the outset that the faculty and staff of EBC were driven by a deep sense of mission—to equip students by grounding them in Scripture for the purpose of taking the gospel out.

It was also apparent after only a few weeks of study that the quality of the teaching was deeper, farther, and broader than that which I had experienced at a larger, more expensive bible college. The high view of the Trinity, the priority of the Church, and the call to personal holiness set the tone for the college.

From the teaching of theology by Josh Walker and the apologetics of Spencer MacCuish, to the Greek I studied under Joshua Grauman and the exegesis I learned from Doug Main—EBC was and is a pearl of great price. Anyone considering bible college would be foolish not to consider EBC as a means of developing a deeper and more authentic Christian worldview, becoming equipped for service to our great Savior, or as a great preparatory for further seminary study. My seminary professors have often remarked at my understanding knowing that I did not grow up in the church. I tell them it is because of the teaching I received at EBC.

I was one of the first students to enroll at EBC when it opened and I graduated in 2006 with a B.B.S. degree. I have recently completed my M.A.R. degree with a worship emphasis at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and it is my desire to teach at EBC as a way of paying it forward for the invaluable teaching I found there. I currently teach a weekly bible study with my wife Sharon in our home and I spread the gospel throughout my community. I am indeed on mission, now fully equipped, and I owe a great debt of thanks to the quality of the teaching I received at EBC for that.

To God be the Glory.

Ric Garcia

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