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Mark Baluyut

Eternity Bible College has changed my life.

The Lord has used this school to grow me in ways I could never imagine before. It has challenged me, stretched me and humbled me. I grew up in the church and have always heard the bible stories. It wasn’t until I went to Eternity Bible College did I truly realize how foundational Scripture is. While the classes are amazing and informative, it is the teachers that did it in for me. I absolutely stunned at the humility and love that the teachers had for us as students. They sacrificed for us, so that we can get a biblical education for cheap. To me this is my favorite thing. EBC is committed to provided thoroughly sound biblical education for cheap. They basically don’t want us to go into debt, so we are enabled to go out into the world and advance the Kingdom of God!

More importantly, than this, is that they care more for our spiritual growth than anything. I often have lunch with the teachers, and it just amazing to feel cared for and loved. The other big emphasis of the school, is for us to be apart of the local church. It is made very clear that the school is not the church, and that we students need to humbly serve our local churches. The heart of this, is that we would practice what we learn and not become only hearers of the Word. Eternity Bible College has truly changed my life, and I thank God that He has allowed me to go to this school. That He has used this school to mold me and conform me to the image of His son.

Mark Baluyut

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