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Jason Pedersen


Coming to Eternity Bible College was definitely a step of faith for me. Having been in the construction field for almost seven years, I was in a place of security. At that time in my life, nothing made me more satisfied than loving others and teaching the Word of God in everyday circumstances. Walking and sharing with other believers and seeing growth was my new found passion!

During this time, I was following Cornerstone’s podcast and was “sold” on their leadership and passion to serve the local body of Christ. Then, my best friend asked me if I wanted to go to Bible College at EBC. Whereas the typical question to ask in this situation would be, “Why should I go?” I immediately thought, “Why shouldn’t I go?” EBC encouraged everything I was passionate about: loving others, knowing God’s Word in a deeper way, being under leadership that really cared about the students, and ultimately the Body of Christ. So, I sold everything and left all that was my previous life in Hawaii to come to EBC.

Since coming to EBC in the Fall of 2008, I have been overwhelmed by the quality of the education I have received. I have been especially impressed with the faculty, who have become like family to me. While my classes have been spiritually enriching, they have also been academically rigorous. The professors teach the text critically, thoroughly, and ultimately pastorally. I am ever grateful that the Lord has brought me to EBC.

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  1. Amen !!!!

    pray for me that I leave worldly things behind [such as professions that won't fulfill] because doin’ what God wants is WAAAAAY better !!!


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