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David Elliott


My name is David Elliott, and I am a freshman going to Eternity Bible College, and to be honest looking back at my life this is the last place I thought I would be. Well maybe not the last place, but not at all what I expected for a while. I had a pretty uncommon life. I grew up in a family united under God. My parents loved and still do love each other; and I have three younger siblings; a sister and two brothers. My parents took me to church since before I can remember, and I must have started out young, because all of these sweet older ladies will come up and tell me of the times they used to change me and look after me in nursery.  I grew up in the church, being told that God loves me and has a plan for me.

At the age of three I understood enough to know that I needed God. I didn’t have any idea what that really entailed, all I knew was that I had to accept Christ into my life. So I got out of bed late one night, and on my knees with hands folded said just that; “Jesus come into my life” or something to that extent. My parents were overjoyed when I told them, and I went on with my shortly lived life; going to school, Sunday school, and playing when I could. I got all the way to sixth grade before anything interesting really happened. In sixth grade I had a teacher that challenged us as a class to dig into the Bible, and try to live out what it said. I also had an awesome opportunity to go with my church on a mission trip. So at the age of 13 my dad and I went with a team out to Bogota, Columbia. We were out there for two weeks, and helped them build a camp out in the countryside. I absolutely loved it, and after returning home soon was plugged into our churches youth group. I started helping out in one thing after another, and continued going on trips. Our youth went to Mexico, short term summer trips to lead a vacation bible school, hurricane Katrina relief trips, and things along that line. I’m not saying this to brag, it’s just these opportunities were placed before me, and the way my parents raised me, led to me finding joy in serving others. But I was extremely shy, so speaking in front of people was a big “No” in my book, but I was willing to try anything else. Senior year came and went, and I was able to be a leader in my youth group. The only problem was that unlike most I had no idea, none whatsoever of what I wanted to do with my life.

Through the years I had been consistently going to this camp called Hume Lake, and at one of the programs up there I experienced God and fellowship like I had never before. Our youth group came back to our church on fire, and we loved it. I found out that there was a program that was similar to Wildwood, but only way more intense, and it lasted for about a year. So having no desire to go to college (I was a good student, but had to push myself every step of the way. Not really one for school) I signed up for this program. Crazy thing is that out of all of the applications that went in, mine was accepted, and so I spent a year up in Hume Lake. I grew stronger and bolder in my faith, and realized that one thing I really had a passion for was serving others, and seeing a change that only God brought into people’s lives.

I then did the one thing that I told myself I would never do, I decided to go to college! I wanted to know what the Bible said and learn to speak it with boldness, but there was only one problem, I’m not rich. My Pastor told me about this college out in Simi Valley that was extremely reasonable, and had great staff and teachers. So I prayed about it, sent in an application, and I was accepted.

I am in Simi Valley feeling extremely blessed. God has provided a house, job, friends, transportation, and so much more for me! I can’t even begin to explain all that God has done for me, and all that I have been learning at this school. I am going to be here for the next three years, and then Lord willing seminary and then will see if God leads me to a church to pastor. My plan is to eventually become a senior pastor, but the doors are open for what God may do. I also want to be a blessing to this school as they have to me, because when I get out of here, besides having a great education I will have next to no debt if any. EBC is preparing me and my fellow students to go out into the entire world, to make disciples; and not just as Pastors, but also as an ordinary people working ordinary jobs. We are equipped to go into any circumstance, because we have God, and have a good understanding of what He is saying to us, and with that we will go out and make a difference.

In Him,


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