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Jennifer Larcomb


Most the time we plan for our life to go a specific direction as if we were entitled to options to start. Bible College was not in my plan and I had ideas of what options sounded better.

I knew about EBC since it started. Mainly because my older sister began attending there my junior year, but also because my high school youth group gave a weekly sales pitch. Every tuesday night my parents made dinner for any student from the Eternity who wanted to come, which was most of them considering their dinner every other night was top ramen and diet coke. Plus, the admission lady lived at our house.

So yea, I knew about the place.

I started to truly follow Jesus sometime in 10th grade. I remember thinking, “If I am going to give Him my heart, I wont just give him pieces”. To me, going all in meant giving him my life. Eventually going oversees was a no brainer and meanwhile I was stuck in this torment called education. To pass time, I started playing water polo l and I was getting pretty good at it. Good enough to get me into the four year school of my dreams? Probably not. So I had to bring it home with the grades. However, school was never my forte, and lets be honest, my main drive to showing up for class was whatever boy I had a crush on that week. I quickly realized that just because of my girl genes, I had insta-maturity points, so those crushes were not going to peek my interest enough to get out of bed at 6:45am. The invention of off-campus lunch for those able to drive themselves became a problem junior year. Oh, I can go off campus at 12:15 and…never come back again?

Yea, I was into that.

I heard rumors about “getting involved” somehow with your high school played a part in getting accepted into colleges. I finally found someway to cheat the system: volunteer everywhere. A bit late in the game, but I joined Leadership on campus senior year. The group of girls I was most close to throughout those four years were pretty much running the thing. Each with a 3.8 or higher. When SAT’s came around I was going to opt out until all of them were signed up. Peer pressure has its strengths. True, they bought the SAT study book, were weekly tutored months in advance, and have already taken it multiple times, but I figured if I can take this test thing and do decent it is one step closer to getting out of California. All the while, I knew EBC was an option, but not the option I wanted.
So there I was, sitting in those half desk-chairs at Thousand Oaks high school waiting for the teacher to get finished with her no cheating on the SAT’s policy (blah blah blah). Of course, the first section was math. Last time I was in a math class was a year prior and I barely escaped the flames with a 60.02%.

I panicked.

Asking God to help me on something I worked so half-heartedly on seemed a bit off base. So I asked Him about His plan, about how He saw this all working out for my good.

“Okay, I get it. I really have no knowledge to offer these little titled bubbles that are so hard to fill in with a #2 pencil. You tell me what you want for my life”. Then there it was. That daunting feeling of the Bible College option that was so removed from my plan, but this time, I felt so much peace. Maybe it was because I knew I was going to fail this SAT big time, or because I was an average water polo player, or because my grades were stinky. But what I know, is that all those things were part of His plan. His good, perfect plan.

I now am 3 semesters deep at Eternity Bible College. People ask what I plan on doing with that education and I tell them, I have no idea. I am learning to love the no-plan plan.

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