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Adam Fay


Eternity Bible College is a school that exceeds expectations in all areas of Biblical training and discipleship. Receiving an excellent education is only one part of the full story that encompasses the life and mission of the school. Students are actively involved in the church body and learning to live out the Gospel in people’s lives through local ministry. Intensive study of the Bible and learning practical ways to apply its truths from professors, pastors, and missionaries that have a desire to teach their students goes beyond expectation. Even more is their desire to live by the Word of God, model after Jesus Christ, and disciple students in and out of the classrooms. And even more are the personal sacrifices the staff makes for the students to be here. Surely they will be rewarded in heaven for everything they have put into and given up for this school. This type of servant leadership is what makes EBC a truly unique blessing in God’s Kingdom. These are just some of the basic things about life at EBC.

I have always struggled with making decisions in my life, especially on which college to go to. So when God sent me all the way from Maryland to California to a school that I had not visited, I knew my faith and trust in God would be tested. To make a long story short, coming to EBC was the greatest decision I’ve made since becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. And yes, my faith and trust in God has been challenged and tested in many ways—equipping me with the knowledge and strength that I need to go where God leads me next. EBC is more than just a school. It is a community of believers that are passionately devoted to living their lives to the glory of God. I have grown closer to God in the time that I have been here than in the previous 20 years of my life. I love EBC for what it is, who it stands for, and how God has used it as an instrument to refine me in His Word.

The professors, teachers, and other staff at EBC care deeply about every student. They are always willing to take time out of their day to talk with students one and one outside of class. The sacrifices they make for the school and for the students truly reflect their devotion and commitment to what EBC is all about. Their servant leadership is what makes EBC so valuable to me, knowing that God is using them to bring me closer to Him.

Without EBC, I would probably be at a large Christian university, focusing more on my social life than on my life with God. I would be living in a dorm room influenced by some guys who love God and some guys who don’t. I would be learning the Bible but more focused on my major than shaping all aspects of my life around the Word of God through in-depth study of the Bible. I would have no desire to be an integral part of the church body besides showing up on Sunday mornings. And my service in local ministry would last a couple of hours a semester handing out tracts. I would partake in all of this just so I could graduate in a couple of years with a lifetime of debt. And if all of that wasn’t bad enough, I probably would be blind to my own ignorance because I never got loving discipleship from my peers or professors.

When investing in EBC people are investing in a school, a community, and an eternal purpose of building the Kingdom of God. Amidst all of these reasons are people who love God and in effect will impact the lives of other people for generations to come. God has woven EBC into the fabric of His Kingdom with a unique design of people who live for the King of Glory. An investment in EBC is a great opportunity to be a part of that design. And more personally, the impact EBC has made on my life alone is worth more money than I would ever pay at any other school. The investment someone makes in EBC goes way beyond a simple Bible education. It helps change lives for eternity.

Adam Fay

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