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Shaun Matthias


I started my schooling at EBC about 6 years ago. I was just married the previous summer and worked as a youth pastor at my church. At first, I did poorly in my schoolwork. Pride had made me overly confident in my ability to pass the classes the way I had previously done in my previous college courses. The classes at EBC challenged me to the point where I was put on academic probation. God used this to sober me up.

Shortly after wrecking my first semester, I learned why EBC had placed such high and difficult standards – to wake up college students like myself. In life, we get through by the grace of God alone and that applies to my schooling as well. I learned the necessity of prayer going through the semester. I learned the significance of the study I was privileged to take part in. I learned that it was more than schoolwork but an opportunity for worship. These principles refined my attitude and the way I undertook the rest of my courses.

Not only was I growing as a student, but my ministry began to take shape as well. What I was learning at EBC I would turn around and apply it toward the youth group that I was entrusted with. To draw students into the youth group I let go of empty fun and games and placed the majority of my attention on teaching well the word of God. God blessed this approach and began to draw in students hungry for God. My ministry is a way off from being perfect, but it has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to God and what He is doing through the teaching at EBC.

Within this last year, I have even had the privilege of preaching for the Sunday morning worship service. The response I received was clearly a result of God’s work in my life. Hearing stories of how people were spending more time with the families, a handful of hurting people sharing how the message meant a great deal to them given all they were going through, and other stories of the fruit being produced in the body was again a clear sign that God had been working through me.

I frequently tell people if you have appreciated anything I have preached on to give thanks to God because it is Him who uses people like me to edify the body in these ways. I know that I have no business claiming the honor when I would have a mild panic attack speaking in any public situation. But when I preach I get excited and not nervous because I have something of true value worth sharing. This, of course, being thanks to everything that EBC has taught me and equipped me with.

Nothing in my life is the same. The way my wife and I parent our children has been entirely changed due to the teaching at EBC. The youth group I lead has changed a great deal because of EBC. My church is now being changed as I grow within it – all thanks to what EBC has done for my life.

I do have to express my gratitude to the professors as well. If it were not for these godly men, I would have left ministry years ago, frustrated and hurt. They spent time with me over lunch, walks, and meetings to pray for, counsel, and guide me through a very difficult time in my life and ministry. There are many professors that I will never forget because of the genuine care and love they showed me during this time.

All this to say, praise God Almighty for His blessing on EBC and the professors that work so hard at shaping lives to be more effective and passionate in continuing the work of the Lord Jesus Christ! To God be the glory for what He is doing at EBC! I owe an endless amount of praise to Him for EBC and for all that they have done in my life.


Shaun Matthias

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