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Ashley Ermey


I never liked school.

I always found myself hanging out with the wrong crowd and it just brought me down. After a while I just didn’t hang out with anyone at school at all, so that made it very hard. I didn’t want to go to college because I thought it would end up being the same way, but my friend, Beau, told me about EBC and let me sit in on the Foundations class, which I ended up loving. I decided, I did want to go to college, and I made the right choice. I can feel God’s presence at this school, and I have made a lot of friends here as well.

God truly blessed me with EBC, I’m so glad it was His plan for me to come here. Not only have I been blessed at EBC, but through EBC I have gotten the courage to reach out to others, and make a lot more friends outside of school (Christian and non Christian), and God guided me to the friends He knew would be a good influence, or I could be a good influence on. I can’t stop thanking God for all that He has done for me since my journey started at Eternity Bible College.

God Bless.

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