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Naomi Lubaton


Hey I’m Naomi Lubaton; I was born and raised in Ireland.

When people think of Ireland I don’t think that they would ever think of it being demonically dark. They would probably think instead of leprechauns, st. paddy’s day, Guinness and maybe that the majority of Ireland is catholic.

I did grow up a Catholic but I delved into a lot of demonic things as I grew up. I was very aware of Satan and his demons and I had dabbled in the Ouija board and such things when I was a teenager (I have some crazy stories). When I became 17 I started to practice Buddhism. It was very much mixed with a lot of New Age stuff so any true Buddhist would be offended. But Satan was crafty because he masqueraded the whole thing under another way to worship God as a catholic. They would openly speak of Jesus and God but I didn’t realize at the time that they were not speaking of them the way the Bible refers to them.

I began to get curious of the Bible and wanted to know more about it so I started to pray and ask God to teach me His word, among other things. Well God certainly answered my prayers just not at all the way I wanted, naturally . The last time that I met with the group to meditate was a really big turning point for me toward finally realizing the God of the universe. We were meeting in a big room in a hotel and there were quite a number of us. Some crazy spiritual things were happening that day and even though the heat was on I was shaking and shivering. Everyone gave me their jackets but I could not warm up. People began to chant over me and nothing would cease the iceberg feeling over my body. Everyone got attacked that day in various different ways and when I left the room I no longer was cold. I knew something weird was going down and I thought then that Satan was attacking us because we were the ‘chose ones’. How wrong I was!!
Well over a matter of five months God broke down everything in my life and remove the things that I loved so dear and brought me to my knees. I came to know the Lord (March 12, 2004) and met my husband all around the same three weeks (long story ).

But he lived in California and so we began to have a long distance relationship until we got married in 2005.

I was attending a church in Ireland and was growing so much in the Lord. At the time I was finishing a BA in Speech and Drama but I began to long to go to Bible College. I really wanted to know more about the Bible and be able to answer so many questions that I had. But at the time there was no Bible College in Ireland and the nearest one was in Germany. So I just knew that if it was God’s will that when we got married hopefully I could attend Bible College here in the US.

So I began to pray about it and when we got married I got a visitor visa to come here and stay while my husband’s citizenship processed (He’s Filipino!). Well that was June 2005 and by Jan 2006 his citizenship got denied because he had gone to the Philippines to study to become a pastor and had been out of the country so long that he messed up his five years necessary to apply for citizenship.

Anyway, as a result my visa expired and I had no status to stay in the country so I had to leave in March 2006. A long two years went by as we waited (apart) for his citizenship and consequently my green card. After the two years were up praise God I got my green card and arrived back in the states on April 15, 2008.

I had been praying this whole time that God would allow me to go to Bible school but I was well aware of the costs and knew that we could not afford it. So, I began to pray to God a crazy prayer that only He could answer. I asked the Lord for three requirements for Bible College. 1) That God would make a way for it to be affordable. 2) That it would not be far from our house in Los Angeles. 3) That God would find a school that was sound doctrinally. I knew that if God did not answer my prayer than it was entirely His choice for me not to go to Bible College and that He could train me Himself.

Just before I arrived back to the states two deacons from our church here had heard about EBC and asked my husband (the pastor) to go with them to check it out and to give His opinion. He came onto the phone with me that night very excited telling me all about this great school that was so affordable and was really sound doctrinally and saying that we should check it out as soon as I get back. (He did not know anything about the specifics of my prayer only that I wanted to go).

When I arrived to California we went to check out EBC and they took me through the whole concept of how EBC was designed to be affordable and a good education. They explained how the school was set up because they didn’t believe that people should have to go into debt just to get a Bible education and that if God called a person to serve Him that they wouldn’t say no on the basis of debt.

I applied for EBC to begin in August 2008 and now I’m at the end of my third year here. I have been transformed by the wonderful way in which they teach the gospel. The more I have been here the more I love this school as it has transformed my thinking on how to be a Christian, how to live for Jesus, to bring Him the most glory. They are constantly challenging us with projects that motivate us to think of how we can live out the gospel on a daily basis.

The fact that they do not have a huge campus with dorms is so wonderful, as it really motivates us students to be constantly a ‘doer of the word and not just a hearer’. I am so glad that they do not simply teach a bunch of knowledge in order that we become arrogant. But instead they rebuke that behavior within us and call us to constantly think of how we ought to be living for Jesus.

I am so tremendously blessed to be able to go to Bible school as I am in a huge minority (Perhaps less than 1%) in Ireland of those who have had the privilege to go to Bible school and study His word. It will be a joy to be able to take God’s word back to my country and confidently share it now thanks to the blessing of EBC.

I know the darkness that Ireland faces and to be equipped with the truth of the gospel is a wonderful privilege and blessing for me as I go back to try and lead others out of that darkness and into the light of Jesus. I know without a doubt that God has blessed me truly with EBC and I really hope that many more after me will also get to enjoy the same wonderful privilege.
Praise Him!!

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