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David Benoit


I was one of those students in the youth ministry of my local church that seemed to have it all together. I volunteered a lot and I was certain that my theology was perfect and I always seemed to have an answer for everything. Behind the scenes I was living a life of sin and this drew me further from God. I got to the point that I began to doubt His very existence. It was at this very low point in my life that I realized that I had nothing in this world, except a relationship with my heavenly father. I had graduated high school and I was pursuing a degree in biochemistry, while beginning to get involved with one of the campus ministries at my school. I also started working with Jr. High kids at my church’s youth group and I found it incredibly fulfilling. It became clear though a series of events that God was calling me into ministry with these students and that this was going to be a complete change in lifestyle for me. Within two weeks I had dropped out of school, moved out of my parents house, found a full time job, and began working as many hours as I could at my church as Jr. High youth pastor. It was a rough transition period but I had many friends that supported me and it was clear that God had called me to do this so I had an amazing sense of peace through the whole time.

After a year of ups and downs in ministry, I knew that I needed to move on and pursue college level training so that I could better understand the Bible. As I was searching for a school to attend, it seemed that God was speaking to me through opening and closing of doors and to put it bluntly, the door to EBC was WIDE open. To make a long story shorter, God has used this school to completely reshape me as a person and my view of Him. I am not the same arrogant know-it-all high school student that I used to be. Though my classes at EBC my worldview and spirit is being molded and shaped to a more biblical view of the world. Every day, and I actually mean every day, I wake up and I know that I am not the same person that crawled out of bed yesterday. God is continually shaping me and making me into a better instrument of his grace and redemption. This feeling of growth in the Lord is a constant presence in my life, and I love it!

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