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Ebony Gonzalez


I arrived to EBC two years ago right after a spiritual encounter with God from my church. I was so excited to learn and obey God’s word. I had this strong hunger and desire to learn more about God’s word, which actually led me to apply to Eternity. I figured I wouldn’t be accepted, but still applied anyway. After being accepted to the school I really had no idea what to expect, but I just knew God was calling me to Bible College. I was so amazed by the professors and my classmates because everyone was so Spirit filled and loving. Honestly, my decision to attend EBC has absolutely blessed my walk with God completely. I know that the subtle things that penetrated my heart is what caused me to mature in Christ, allowing me to love Him and His people more and more each day. I continue to desire that God’s Word put to death in me anything that doesn’t align with Him and to live through the power of God’s Spirit that dwell in our lives. I am so thankful for EBC because I have grown so much because of Eternity Bible College.

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