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Hali Harrell


I have never known what I want to do with my life. I was left standing on a stage after high school graduation feeling left behind; like my fellow classmates were moving forward and I was still struggling to find my place in life. I asked myself questions like, “Why can’t I decide? Why won’t you speak to me God? Can’t you see I’m floundering God? Don’t you care GOD? WHERE ARE YOU GOD?!?!”

I assumed God was not listening or did not care about my life. I was oblivious to the cold hard fact that God had (and still has) a plan for my life.

I heard about Eternity Bible College from an alumnus who graduated in 2006. I decided to attend Eternity Bible College with big questions in my heart and I was begged God to answer them. I decided to attend Eternity Bible College simply because I longed to know more of this aloof being I’d heard about my entire life.

Eternity Bible College not only answered questions I had; it renewed my passion for the Word of God and gave me a sense of worth and purpose. The education I received gave me a readiness to minister to those around me. Bible school was never on my priority list as a graduating senior. I felt I would not fit in or I wouldn’t belong: Oh, how wrong I can often be! I feel so blessed to attend such an amazing school full of people dedicated to scriptural teaching and growing closer to the creator of the Universe. Ultimately what makes the school amazing is that it allows a person the time to get to know the character of GOD in a nurturing and encouraging environment.

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