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Albert Alcorn


I would say that EBC has definitely reshaped how I approach life, not just church. I think a lot of people like myself come in with real intentions of, ‘Hey I came out of working as a youth pastor, I am just going to make this little pitstop here for two years and go right back into the church’ and really it has caused me to think less theologically and more biblically.

It has caused me to not always ask ‘how is this best for me’ but ‘how is this best for the community of people that I live with’. It has caused me to go from asking questions like, ‘How will this make me happy?’ to ‘Will this spread the gospel?, Will this affect the kingdom of God in any way?’. Not to say that I am perfect or I have answered correctly, but it has caused me to ask those questions that matter and it has caused me to live more intentionally in my work, even at school with a bunch of other Christians, in the home I live in and the ministry I am with.

Literally, Romans 12:2 has happened. My mind is being transformed by what I am learning, so its not just impacting my heart…this emotional high..or this almost extended summer camp at EBC, it has really impacted how I do life.

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