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Sam Choi


Bible college used to be a joke to me. I thought it was cemetery for the soul and full of arrogant hypocrites. I thought I could do ministry great on my own without a Bible education. I now realize how much I didn’t know God and I was actually doing harm to the Kingdom with sharing things that were not true about God or the faith

Since going to EBC I know the Bible so much more. But I know that there are a lot of institutions out there that could teach me the Bible, but that’s not the point right? Since going to EBC I know God more intimately, love Him more deeply, walk with Him more humbly, and look more like Jesus. This is what its all about. Not just mastering what a book of the Bible contains, but understanding how that book shows me how great God is, which leads me to greater love, honor, worship, awe, and intimacy.

What I have learned has been invaluable. After just 3 semesters, I feel like my worldview is more like God’s worldview.  Before I came to EBC I had a deep burning passion to change the world, but I didn’t know what fires to fight or even how. I now understand better what is important to Him and how to be His hands and feet in this world that groans for redemption.

I think EBC is the best kept secret in Christian education! I wholeheartedly urge all types of people to come and get to know the God of the Bible intimately and live out His heart in this world. EBC is raising up soldiers for the Kingdom of God whether they are pastors, house wives, missionaries, or businessmen. EBC is for all, because all of His Church needs to know Him deeply and how to be all that the Church is called to be! Investing in EBC is good ground to sow into, because it will most definitely bring forth much fruit for the Kingdom!

Humbly in His grip, Sam Choi

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